Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teaching v Litigation

In my old job I sat in front of a computer for more hours than was healthy and worried about other people's problems more than they did (Yes - This is it in a nutshell so potential lawyers take note!)...
As a teacher here I am paid about 15% of my old salary but the decrease is worth it when I think of the plus points to teaching - When in my last job did my daily routine include things like ... having a group of 30 people: roar with laughter at a funny voice (I was demonstrating a radio advert), be amazed at the probability of pulling a small blue bear out of a bag (which also contained red bears - no not a magic lesson but maths), sing 10 times in one day "The ants go marching (hurrah hurrah)", get joy from a piece of chalk and drawing their friend's shadow, complement me on how wonderful (and young) I look (ha!) and marvel and think I am a genius because I can whistle by putting my fingers in my mouth?... .... ummm never. (Note again to future lawyers: clients don't go in for chalk, singing, bears or whistling - They like something more concrete for their money).

The hardest part is a) not swearing and b) not laughing when they are going something naughty but funny (note: both highly acceptable and expected in law).
Coloured ice - very exciting!
These are copy Picasso's - could you not tell? (oh and balloon planets)

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