Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mural creation at CCH

Today was the beginning of the creation of the CCH mural. Upon arrival at the orphanage the director told me about the building works that had taken place since I was last at the orphanage last week.

Previously the classrooms which were on the first floor of a building that is to the side of the dormitories had windows but they did not have any glass –they just had the usual iron bars every Cambodian house has (whether you have glass or not). Now, glass windows have been added which is great - Hopefully it will make the rooms better for teaching (quieter and less of the ever present dust).

About a month ago I saw that the building housing the classrooms actually also has a second floor as well (the stairs are somewhat hidden around the very back of the building) and that although rooms existed there was no building work in process. However, today the director told me that the rooms would be finished by the end of next week for children to sleep in – This includes a ceiling (there is a roof but no ceiling at present) and glass in the windows.

The director also told me he would like to paint the outside of the orphanage – the windows (and possibly some of the masonry – I’m not sure!) So the mural project has been expanded to painting not just a mural but all of the rooms and the outside of the building as well.... The children are going to help though with the painting of the outside (phew!).

I’ve designed the mural and today we drew the outline so that it can be painted next week.
My rough mural design for a wall that is about 10ft tall and 20ft wide....

It looks good at the moment although it is just an outline. Health and safety remains a non-existent factor in Cambodia – I moved the ladder to result in one of the ceiling beams falling down on me – Luckily quite light and metal framed! No injury.
In action!

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