Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal wedding - King of Cambodia is not attending...

Me next to the King of Cambodia in our private audience - unlike Wills and Kate

All the newspapers here in the UK yesterday had the shock news that the King of Cambodia had not replied to the invitation of Wills and Kate (aka future king & queen of England).

Now, having had communications with the Royal Palace in Cambodia I can appreciate exactly why the King hasn't replied. If you post some thing to him of course you will get no reply... In my experience you have to call ahead and then wait outside the gate for hours for the Captain/General to come and greet you and take the mail. Or, perhaps the Phnom Penh Post Office decided they liked the look of the invite and kept it for themselves... Goods often go walkies from there... Or perhaps he did reply but the Post Office kept his dollar for the stamp and binned the RSVP.

Joking aside, the Daily Mail and the Sun (two of the worst papers in the planet) have condemed the King for saying he is "busy". Quite frankly, I am sure he has far better things to be doing than flying across the world to a country that barely supports Cambodia and has very limited relations with it. I am surprised the HRHs got a "sorry he is busy with another engagement". Afterall it is far more likely in Cambodia just to get a "sorry cannot" without any explaination at all!

What a complete non-story. Afterall if so many people in the UK can't be bothered why on earth would a king of a developing nation on the other side of the world give a shit.

Anyay, the King can make time for me but not Wills and satifying