Friday, July 25, 2008

The end of Summer School

Today was officially the end of "Summer School" and on Monday I have a day off (!!!) before preparing to teach grade 3 which starts on Thursday.
Today the children in my class performed a play - They have been practising it for about a month now but at 10am this morning it was still painful to watch. They also had a song and a dance to show - at 2pm the parents were coming to watch...!!
Chaos at rehersal at 10am.
The play's plot was basic enough - Animals all lose and then change their colours/patterns. Sadly this resulted in each child having to have 3 costumes - One when they are "normal", one when they have no colour and are grey and finally a costume when they have the wrong pattern (e.g a rhino having a leopards' spots). Creating these costumes and painting them was a lot of work for5 a 15 minute play - There were 32 different set of costumes to draw and paint - I am exhausted!
Time to hit Talkin to a Stranger a lovely expat bar where Australian beer and mash potato is on the menu!
Some of the "warthog" costumes - each was the size of a small child....

One of my students in the facepaint added at the final preparatory moments!

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