Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photography school - "Smile"

Yesterday I began "Photo School" for the children of CCH. 5 students were selected by the Director: 3 from CCH1 (where I taught) and 2 from CDCC - A second CCH centre (the boys sleep there I think) which is not too far away. The group is nice because it is a mix: 2 girls/3 boys, 3 @15 years old/1@ 13 years old/1 @ 18 years old as well as the fact that children come from both centres.

By the time the kids were all assembled there was not much time left before it got dark (4pm). Plus after waiting I was boiling, dusty and did not fancy sitting in a half finished classroom. So, I took them to Java - a cafe/bar at the end of my street (about 40 minutes by tuk tuk in rush hour from CCH) for a drink and some initial instruction on how to use the camera. I had prepared a small instruction booklet on how to take good photos but the children's English is not as advanced as I was lead to believe and so.... well there will have to be a lot of example picture showing and talking about techniques. It was good though and next week the children will hit the markets with me to take their first pictures.

Whilst waiting I had some fun with the younger children at CCH. They had found some sticky plant (like the stuff that you find in hedgerows in England that sticks to your clothes) - This weed/plant was however more painful when you were hit with it than the English version so the game basically was run away from the people who had the stuff/try and get it off them. Not a complex game ...but funny!
Lily in this picture is not so keen on getting hit with the plant by the naughty Panha!
... Holding a bunch of the plant - most kids had only one stick of it - ow painful!
Always wanting to stop for a photo though - This is one of the new arrivals at the Centre from the dump. A lovely child who has already started to pick up English after only being at the Centre for a month or so.

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