Monday, June 30, 2008


School in the morning and working towards various projects in the afternoon results in nothing really interesting to report. However, the election campagin is hotting up with the CPP party parading down the street this afternoon. The hotel next door to the apartment I think is in favour of the 3rd party - Sam Rainsy. They have not put up any banners/signs though....

Party political truck and moto

The eldery lady was back this afternoon so, after deciding that there was no point keeping the unopened rice and noodles that were in the kitchen, given eating out is so easy (and less hot!) I took them out to her. I wish I could speak more Khmer to talk to her properly.

I am working on the mural for CCH's classroom and now just need to source the paint - Given I need all sorts of colours this may be difficult!

Moto drivers and the guard waiting

These power cables are the main electricity cables - Scary!

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