Wednesday, June 18, 2008

King's mother's birthday

Yesterday one of my children at school asked me if there was a day off because of the King's mother's bithday. I know the Cambodians are keen on the old bank holiday but I thought this was sure to be one that most people did not take seriously. I was wrong! The school was shut today which means I have just had my first day's paid holiday since finishing at OC!

I went for a wander to the Wat that you can see from our balcony - The Wat I thought was no longer open but instead formed part of a Wat factory - making all sorts of concrete decorations for temples. I thought that the shed like structures that surround the Wat were part of the factory. In fact they turned out to be peopl's houses. I wandered through the backstreets and weaved in and out of people sleeping, varnishing tables, eating etc! The houses went right up to the walls of the Wat which I haven't seen before. The Wat itself was a bit of a state. The people were nice and friendly though.... A complete crammed/shanty town at the end of my street and I had no idea! I also went to a second Wat further down the road - Not as interesting. A moto ride across town, some shopping and that was it for the day.

Happy birthday Queen. (official photograph)

(On a similar note there is a reception here for her Maj Queen Elizabeth's birthday here on Thursday hosted by the British Embassy. I was not invited despite a number of people I know having invites. Upon requesting one I was told there was no space. Huh. Don't they know who I am?! - Instead I will go to a Q&A session on street children and AIDS - Far better in any event.)

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