Thursday, June 12, 2008

New school and new teacher!

I am now a proper teacher in my own very nice air conditioned class room. I have a class of 15 students at the moment including the head teachers 2 sons (no pressure there then). Lessons begin at 8am and I have to be in the school at 7.30am. The advantage of an early start is however that I finish teaching at 11.30am although I do generally hang about to finish off projects, decorate the room and harass the kids into being quiet when they eat their lunch. This week we have created a great display on safety tips, done an experiement on the water cycle and tomorrow will be attempting to copy a Van Gogh as well as more formal stuff.

They have to pray before lunch and the prayers can be very funny - "Dear God, help the poor people, help us to be sensible, thank you for the shade so we are not in the hot, thank you for giving us cake - Amen"!

The kids are in second grade. In the US I think that means that they would usually be 7 or 8. My ages range from 7 to 12... but this is Cambodia so anything goes. The chidlren created "summer school" teams - I now have the "Horned Unicorns", "Flying Dragons", "Lucky Pokemon" and the "Ghost Soldiers". Very creative!

On friday I teach art all morning - Today, Van Gogh - They liked the bit about him cutting off his own ear best. Some of the pictures were quite good but some less so! I will post some pictures of their delightful art next week.

For now here is a picture of my classroom - luxury air con and fan - Its a bit different to the orpahanges.

From August I go full time - That will be exhausting as by 11.30am I have a headache and am ready to sleep. Luckily I only have one or two difficult children and even those ones can be controlled. Nothing like teaching in the UK I suspect!

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