Saturday, June 28, 2008

School and a meeting at CCH

Friday is a good day at school as I get to make lots of mess and see the look on the children's faces when I tell them about one artist or another. This week it was Picasso and the Three Musicians painting. The result - Not as good as the Van Gogh's but at least they tried!

The results of a morning of Picasso and work in progress.

In the afternoon Brian and I went to CCH to speak to the director. We established with him that I could run a photography course with 5 of the students with the cameras donated and that I could paint one of the classrooms for the younger children... ideally with an educational mural! I have designed the mural and now just need to get buying the paint/brushes/rollers etc. Hopefully I will start it next week.

Lily Heng and Panha - reading the alphabet bird book(!)

The girl who was introduced to me as Goy in March ...but now appears to be called something beginning with S (Sinda perhaps?)
...Its best when he doesn't know I am there otherwise I get all sorts of very odd poses!

Although some of them can be quite arty I suppose!

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