Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day hits Cambodia

In Phnom Penh street side stalls quickly appear from no where to cater for the "must have" of the day/week/month etc.

For example, when the police started to fine people for not wearing helmets many stall owners started to sell helmets and made a tidy profit as (nearly) everyone rushed to buy one. Some might think Valentine's day is a day of romance etc but here it seems to be the day to make a quick buck. On most streets there is a rose seller or two (...or ten) encouraging young Khmers to buy one for their sweethearts.
A large Khmer nightclub, called Rock, is also having a Valentine's special. You can take your date to the "night" club between 1pm and 6pm this afternoon and get two free soft drinks!!

Roses for sale by the side of one of the main roads

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