Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome back!

I've gone back to my old job for 4 days this week as a subsitute teacher for my old class. They are behaving (just) and on Monday I arrived to 2 really sweet banners hanging in the classroom.

Today I taught them about Aboriginal Art and some basic Australian history. We proceeded to make dreamtime art .... ummmm not sure how they will turn out but so far....(below)!

On Friday I am starting a new job at another international school. This time EAL teaching "English as an Additional Language". It will be completely different to Third Grade but it will be good to experience another school. I'm booked in to cover a staff shortage for 6 weeks. Once that is over there will just be a month to explore more Cambodia before returning home to the UK. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone but not looking forward to many other things!

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