Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Police Blotter

The Phnom Penh Post (of two daily newspapers published in English here) has a Police Blotter. basically it tells you about certain crimes committed here in Cambodia. Its always an interesting read. Sometimes shocking to the core and reports child rapes, brutal murders and a lack of human rights. Sometimes it has an edge which provides a insight into the craziness of the life here. Yesterday for example, on my return I picked up a copy of the Post and read the Blotter and found the following stories:
  • A man suffered injuries after he caught fire while filling up a motorbike with petrol. He had used a lighter to see better in the dark but immediately caught fire.

  • A man accidentally burned down his family home after an argument with his wife. He had decided to tease his wife by pretending to set fire to their thatch house, switched on a lighter but the flame reached the thatched roof and the house burned down.

  • A man died after his wife allegedly bit and squeezed his penis in anger after an argument. The argument happened after the wife found her husband and friends drinking rice wine, which she wanted to sell.

....This is a dangerous country!

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