Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To add a shallow entry to my blog...

Today, in between rushing to sort out more things for the exhibition I found time to go to Lucky supermarket, the biggest supermarket in town. Look what I found!!

....Its my very own Cambodian version of my favourite cleaning product - Cillit Bang! I thought it was probably a counterfeit version but no!! It appears genuine as usage has revealed that it too is able to strip even the skin off your hands and destroy items around the house in the name of cleaning!! My mum will be able to arrive to a very clean house on Saturday!

...I wonder if Easy Off BAM is contributing to the death of many many squashed rats (the size of small cats) who I am seeing on the roads at the moment... Nah I think that is probably the 4x4s!

Apparently, Easy-Off BAM cleans a penny in 60 seconds, whereas Cillit Bang takes only 10-15 seconds!!!!!!! Vital information I think when comparing the international brands - Its a good job Cambodia does not have any coins!


Smakie said...

Hi Michelle,

I went to your smile exhibit and I think that your work is great! I live in Canada and I'll be visiting Cambodia for ~4 weeks in mid-dec/mid-jan to volunteer/discover.

I'm an Autism Spectrum Disorders consultant here so I'll be volunteering at Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CCAMH) in Takmau to help around Autism but I hope to help elsewhwere where possible. I'm drawn to your work as one my passions is photography.

I would love to connect with you to learn, to help and to get any tips about living in PP thus far.


cheers from Canada,

cambodia said...

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