Sunday, October 19, 2008

Naga World

As things get closer to the exhibition I have been run off my feet trying to get things sorted. The British Ambassador is now coming so that is excellent news and the posters are up all over town. Today I put them in large tourist areas like the Cambodiana hotel and Raffles. All of whom were very happy to assist. As I was walking/sweating around on my way home I thought I would see if the huge building that is Naga world would oblige with enticing some tourists to the exhibition - Its a large casino. and hotel. I had not been to Naga World before but its not too far from our house and you can't miss it. It is popular with Chinese and Korean - apparently.

I had to clamber over concrete piles to get to the front door - clearly guests are not in the habit of walking. The a massive entrance hall greeted me with a friendly metal detector. As soon as I am in I passed the guards (one of which they have made to dress up in a traditional Cambodian dress which is totally out of place in the monster of a building and only makes the man look ridiculous) I realise that the people in here are not going to want a POSTER anywhere in sight nor are the guests interested in humanitarian efforts - everything is spotless in a nasty, chinz decoration type way. As I was in I thought I would take a look around. All I saw were many many people (at 2.30pm) gambling away on various machines and tables. It was all rather abrasive given the poverty I had just walked into to get inside. The whole thing just made me feel sick. The loan counter inside was also rather depressing. The enterprise is bizarre but given the number of tourists inside it was clearly a money spinner. Yuck. I am glad I left having only appreciated the air conditioning!

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