Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today I continued with the 4 week TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course I began yesterday.  The guy who is running the training seems nice enough and is knowledgeable so fingers crossed that it will all work out.  My teaching practice will be in an orphanage in the south of the city and I go there for the first time on Monday to observe a class.  It seems there are 3 age ranges/abilities - 4-6yrs old, 6-12yrs and 12-18yrs.   I will teach the upper and the lower ranges in practice sessions and hope to volunteer there afterwards.   At the moment it is basic teaching skills e.g lesson plans and class room management.  It will be good to put that into practice in a few weeks time.    Lessons are informal and take place in various cafe type locations around our guest house area which is handy.   This means that I now have lessons all day and homework(!) - still managing time for the odd beer though! 

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