Monday, April 21, 2008


Today was my first day of teaching. I was expecting to teach the beginner class (Red, Blue, ABC, 123 etc) followed by a fairly advanced class but in the end I got a mixed bunch of children - all of them loved Harry Potter (!)... I started with my own personal peice of art work showing drawings me and the things I liked (suitable for children rather than accurate! - think I like tea and ice cream rather than I like a nice cold glass of white wine)... and then the children did the same, made posters and introduced themselves to the class. We then played a game which involved running and hitting the board - I was concerned when one of the older children got a bit competitive and the smacked his head on the wall but he survived and I was less concerned when later in the day another child produced his dart ( a real dart) and starting throwing it ramdomly at walls and dangling it over a balcony pointing at the heads of other kids - a bang on the heag suddenly did not seem so concerning... anyway... so after the game I pulled out the play dough I had made at 7.30am this morning in yellow, red and green - I had no idea what game we were going to play ... but then by the time it was all handed out class was over (luckily) - some other children had also come into the class by this stage to join the fun and so there were probably about 30 kids all with hands covered in a sticky salt/flour/water/food colour mixture. They enjoyed it though. Some took the gloopy mess away in dubious forms - some just all over their hands others had tried to make something. .. Luckily it shuld have all dried out by now!

Tomorrow's class will have less art and no play dough! - I have scrapped the idea of introducing painting with feet and by hands!!!!

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