Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More work at the orphanage

Today more lessons at CCH - I thought it was going to be the middle kids again - but what a surprise it was beginners... Luckily the lesson I had planned had levels of complexity and basicially involved a story around an elephant and a feely bag with lots of random stuff (pupkin, soap, string, ball, pencil, shell, cotton wool, apple...) Anyway the kids liked the bag but they were less keen on the English side of things. The sweets I bought were a hit (surprisingly!!) and some of them even wanted to eat the apple from the feely bag so we cut that up in the kitchen after the lesson. Tomorrow the same group again but that said, given the usual level of organisation in Cambodia, it is probably just as likely to be a class of 100 adults wanting to learn medical terms..... Here is a picture of my class room and one of the new arrivals carrying my handbag - Naturally, I have introduced style and glamour to this place already.

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