Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Cambodia Top 10!

Getting involved with the Centre for Children's Happiness and all the fun and fundraising

Meeting and having a private audience with the King of Cambodia to discuss my photography workshops with my students

The whole SMILE photography experience - working with the older children and then opening up their exhibition...

A Jungle trek in Bokor mountain with my Mum followed by a swim at an amazing waterfall

Driving myself around on a moto in Ratanakiri (North Cambodia) and Kep (South Cambodia)

Swimming across the Mekong

Visiting the village of a number of CCH children with them on several occasions

Finding out and getting far too many "Beautiful Shoes"

Dolphin Spotting in Kratie

Nearly getting killed - but surviving!, when our group's small fishing boat was ravished by the ocean in a huge storm near to Rabbit Island in Kep

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