Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As I prepare to leave Cambodia in the next 3 hours (agh!) I thought I would reflect upon what I will and will not miss about Cambodia after over a year of living in its Capital Phnom Penh! .... BUT (!) I will see you in September/October for a holiday Cambodia!

Things I will miss

Most of all....the children of CCH who have made it so difficult to leave

The call of “Hellowhatisyourname” and waving to children everywhere

Being stared at with no shame by children and adults alike

Being able to go to a tropical, palm fringed beach in under 4 hours

Frozen Margherita from Friends or Java cafe (the best in town!) Yum!

Spaghetti Carbonara from Gasolina and friends who are there – also the best Carbonara in town!

Fresh Coconut juice

Anchor beer with ice – Beer and ice? You can develop the taste...

Tailor made clothes from threads and handmade shoes from Beautiful shoes – my favourite places to shop here.

Iced coffee made with sweet condensed milk called “my boy”

“Hello Stung Mean......Chey” – This is the Cat call of the tuk tuks who hope that I am going to make the journey to the children’s shelter by tuk tuk rather than motorbike. ..And the fact they like to call it for fun because it’s now become a nickname.

The people calling to sell things on my street – feather dusters, coconuts, ice cream, bread ....

Hot, hot weather

Massive thunderstorms and torrential rain

Cheap transport by motorbike taxi everywhere – Walk?? Why!?

The greeting of “Good Luck to you”

Ecstatic pizza – delicious pizza followed by the owner wishing you “Sweet Dreams”

The friendly faces

Fantastically beautiful sunsets

And of course, .... the washing drying in under half an hour

I will not miss....

The so-called expat “scene” – full of the same people and often like a small village

Sweating every minute of every day

The monks chanting via loudspeaker at 5am or a 5am start wedding with Khmer music in the street

The construction workers who live in the “penthouse” about us who chop herbs very finely on their kitchen floor and the general banging due to constant development works

The heckle of “Moto sir?” [Note to Moto drivers: I am not a sir]

Cambodian Karaoke

Rubbish everywhere

Not being able to walk in the city as the pavements are so blocked

Lexus either running me over or stationary and parked everywhere including on every spare bit of pavement

Lawlessness and corruption

The common explanation of a mere “sorry – cannot”

Itchy mosquito and ant bites

.....Being stared at with no shame

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