Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On Sunday after the River Swim it was time for the farewell party at CDCC for the children of both CCH and its sister centre CDCC. As well as a "goodbye curry party" from me we were also celebrating Khmer new year which starts this weekend.
Although I was there an hour early the children from CCH had already arrived. The powerpoint was set up and things kicked off by showing a few films that had been made about CCH.
We then moved on the the dancing/speech part of the entertainment. The older children spoke about their experiences on studying at international schools and we were treated to some traditional Cambodian dances: including the coconut dance (one of my favourites).

The thanks followed and then we couldn't resist the urge to use the microphone and talk about my experiences with the students at this fantastic place. Then food and dancing.... Khmer New Year traditionally brings with it the HOT season and to say it was hot would be an understatement - it was boiling!

Only one more visit left to CCH and CDCC before home time in only 5 days time. It is very sad to be leaving Cambodia mainly because of these children who are so inspiring.

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