Friday, March 20, 2009


Its been a busy week here in Phnom Penh. On Wednesday I finished my second school job and headed straight over to another school to pick up one of the auctioneers ready for the jewellery auction that night... That's right, the kids at CCH were doing the auctioning of the pieces of jewellery and they would be supported by me and the US ambassador on the stage. The jewellery auction was organised my me and a couple of friends and despite having a short lead in time everything was ready on the night.

It was great that the US ambassador could come to the evening. She is an interesting woman with fantastic global connections. It was really nice of her to spend so much time with the 5 CCH auctioneers getting to know them. It was also great of her to warm up the small gathering and kick start the auction so well. Despite large publicity, including a full page in the Phnom Penh Post, the crowd was select but we hoped committed buyers! See:

The children were fantastic at auctioning and getting the crowd to part with their money!

CCH auctioneers, CCH director, Soka with his wife Dany and the US ambassador.

A Khmer artist, "Sata", made some art installations for us to display the jewellery pieces on.... made out of carrier bags to highlight the dump.
One of the CCH students above who was excellent at auctioning the pieces and the art display pieces.

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