Friday, May 16, 2008

The King's birthday break (next week we have a day off for the Royal Ploughing Ceremony(!!?)

On Monday I started to work at a different Orphanage "Lighthouse". The lessons here are more stuctured and I teach 3 classes of just under an hour each every day now. Total beginners, beginners and intermediate. The children are very well behaved and eager to learn - as ever.

(one of my students and the display of the pictures we made for the class room)

My first class took me by surprise when I introduced myself they all stood up and together chorused something like "Hello teacher. Thank you for coming to teach us English".... then did a traditional Khmer bow. I was a bit taken back but even more so when I told them to sit down they said loudly together "thank you teacher" - scary! Anyway, the lessons were good and I am going back there this afternoon (Friday) for another session.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were bank holidays - the King's birthday - and so I went to the beach again in Shihanoukville. Not very much to report as it rained heavily for all of the days! This resulted in eating, drinking and reading - a short swim but as the waves were getting bigger and bigger and the rain heavier and heavier and the lightening nearer and nearer - I thought it best not to stay in the sea too long!!

This evening I am going back to CCH orphanage for another Friday night dance party!

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