Saturday, May 17, 2008


I taught at the Lighthouse orphanage again on Friday... and then headed across town to CCH orphanage to see the children there for the usual Friday night party. However, unlike last week yesterday it is was POURING rain. So I had to wear my delightful purple plastic poncho and the driver had to get his moped through 2 foot of water at various points. On arrival at CCH the whole of the front entrance to the orphange was flooded too so I had to wade through trying hard to not think about rats and other nasties given that the orphanage is so close to a massive rubbish dump! Anyway, because of the rain or because of something else the children were not partying but studying English! One of the students has just won a 2 year scholarship to Canada so he was teaching the younger children English to help them. I just couldn't imagine a group of children aged 8 to 18 sitting around in England studying a foreign language at 7.30pm on a Friday night!! The demolished the fruit bought for them and then I headed off - back through the flood in the night on my moto to town...!

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