Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A day of teaching at CCH orphanage

On Tuesday I taught 2 classes. The very young children in the morning and the middle kids (who I had been teaching before) in the afternoon.

The young children had shapes and colours as their focus and after learning the shapes and a game to assist they had to make monsters in teams...
The more advanced students, I taught in the afternoon, learnt objects for eating... bowl... cup, fork, knife...chopsticks etc

After the first lesson I had 2 hours to kill before the next class so a few children played with the ABC blocks I made and I supervised. Their focus was making trains which they bashed into each other.... One of the children who joined in was Goiey (sp?) - the child who joined the orphanage at new year and who has mental health problems. Hardly surprising given that a) she worked on a rubbish dump all her life til now and b)I think her parents beat her and I think tried to sell her. She is very unsettled but enjoyed taking photographs of everything with my camera (I mean everything) in the afternoon after the second lesson for an hour or so.

Again, in my lessons I had plenty of observers, I think 2 australians, a french guy, my teacher, 2 brits and in the second lesson Ann a photographer from Belguim who took photos formed the audience at one point. This meant I am also potentially a calender girl(!) as she is taking pictures for a CCH calander to sell. I think the focus will be the children! She is also taking pictures at the dump where the children are rescued from and on Thursday I may go with her which will be interesting if not a bit smelly and scary.

Me in teaching action....

Winning is great but by the expression on her face... I guess sometimes its hard when you lose!
Goiey causing havoc no doubt in one of the sleeping rooms

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