Friday, September 26, 2008

Parents' day

Today I had a 30 minute lunchtime presentation to my school children's parents on the curriculum. My first presentation with a Khmer translation. The verdict - Khmer takes far longer than English - Perhaps the head teacher who was translating was adding the bits I forgot to say! It was good to see the support the children are (or are not) getting at home and for me to talk for a good 30 minutes without shouting "be quiet!". The Khmer do seem to be rather fond of answering their phones (in a not subtle way) mid meeting and having a conversation while someone (-me) is speaking though.

The hotel for Vietnam is sorted - staying at Madam Cruc which is a guesthouse which appears to have excellent reviews but I can't find any pictures yet. Ummm - fingers crossed.

The photo exhibition launch is edging closer and yesterday evening I fought out the price of colour photocopying for our poster with all of the local printers on Sihanouk Blvd. In the end, 1800 Riel was knocked down to 1400 Riel. We will see.... Oh the excitement of haggling over photocopying!!

One discussion was particularly amusing. I asked the sales woman for her price and she quoted 3500 Riel. I made to leave as this was grossly expensive and not worth haggling over and she called me back I told her truthfully that that the printer next door would copy for 1500 Riel - So she reduced the price to 3000r. I pushed the point but her best price was then lowered to 2000r. She then looked like she had done me a great favour and that I should immediately hand over the copying. When I said again that the price next door was still cheaper and also asked why I would give it to her when she was 500r more expensive her attitude was "so what - I reduced my price lots so you should give it to me".... It wasn't a language problem more of a logic problem I think!! Surprisingly I will be going elsewhere!

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