Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Days off

Today is constitution day and so this means a random Wednesday off work. The day was spent constructively taking a girl from CCH out to buy clothes and stationery for her first day at a special school tomorrow. It was very moving to take a girl who is 9 but who never really goes out of the orphanage (because she is scared due to trauma experienced at the dump) to buy a skirt and T Shirts and later for an ice cream and burger ready for her big adventure tomorrow. I'm trying to fund raise for her education at a special school at the moment so if you work at one of my previous firms keep your eyes open for fundraising activities! - Thank you to those who are helping back home!

I am going to Vietnam on Saturday for 4 days - Ho Chi Minh. A large festival (P'Chum Ben - honour the dead) means we have a holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week so I am off to explore elsewhere. I now have my visa and now all I need is the bus ticket and a place to stay....

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Brittni said...


My name is Brittni and I'm a photographer from the US.. I'm going to be in Cambodia from Oct. 3-16 and I would love to meet up and check out your class! I work with kids here in the US with Girls, Inc. I just think it would be fun! Let me know what you think..

Hope you're having a wonderful day!