Saturday, August 9, 2008


When in need of some retail therapy Phnom Penh can be somewhat limited... This morning after a "hearty and committed" shopping session I ended up with about 15 AA batteries (for the kid's photo project), Mr Muscle cleaner and a rattan bookshelf (only $6 for the bookshelf!) - Not exactly like a trip to Oxford Street or indeed even the delightful shopping mall that is Bristol's Broadmead(!) but after being here for over 5 months such purchases are almost enjoyable when the shopping urge strikes. Of course, there is also Beautiful Shoes and getting custom made clothes to also add to the above items but I am saving that for tomorrow!

Today for the photo project ( we are going to the Olympic Stadium. No, not the one in Beijing - the one down the road. Its called the Olympic Stadium but do not be confused - Phnom Penh has never hosted the Olympics! Its just a big (by Cambodian standards) athletics track and football pitch. There is a good market surrounding as well. Cambodian people go there at sunset to exercise so hopefully today the weather will stay nice and we can also take photos of that too.

Yesterday it was freezing. I was really cold! That said, the thermometer still said 26 degrees but here that is practically freezing. The jeans and jumper were out and I felt practically Cambodian joining in with the Cambodians who were in their coats/sweaters shivering away. Today the heat is back and the air con on.

Yesterday I had my hair coloured and cut - ok (men can certainly stop reading here) - Usually boring topic. But not here! First, it is a challenge to find a place where a) they speak enough English not to give you a number 1 shave b) they have hair products you would consider putting on your hair.... Luckily I have come into contact with Eric - a professional hairdresser who has "done" hair all over the world including I believe, the hair of the delightful US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
Suffice to say, after the experience, I look normal again - and not like Madeleine.

I miss nice vegetables and friends who cook them for me! (click to enlarge picture)

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