Saturday, August 16, 2008

Koh Dait - Mekong Island

Today was the CCH photo class. We went to Koh Dait an island in the Mekong. The people there cannot grow rice as the island is too small but make a living on silk weaving and growing other crops like corn. Thou (our general Cambodian "fixer") took the party of 7 of us in a tuk tuk to the ferry - about 15km out of Phnom Penh. After a short wait and ferry ride we landed safely - we did have to share the boat with a disturbed cow...

The island was beautiful. Very lush and green and the people exceptionally friendly. Lots of children very excited to have their picture taken. Also a large proportion of older people (in their 70s at least) which you do not see in Phnom Penh.

Here are some pictures of mine. The children's are on

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