Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A trip out by moto alone again kick started the day and after a walk I ended up at Wat Phnom again - a 45 minute walk in the heat of the middle of the day was probably not the best idea but I wanted to prove that I could find the spot picked for lunch if I wanted to by foot- Wat Phnom, being a small man made hill, not surprisingly is circular and so I walked around it determined to find my way but then ended up right back where I started... I saw Sambo the elephant (again) though but not sure it was worth the pain! After lunch the focus was on ice cream. I had seen that the largest shopping centre in town by the central market yesterday was doing a good selection so headed over there. There was also the chance then to visit the roof terrace of this shopping centre to view the city from one of its highest buildings! Exhausting and so a beer and then a moto trip back home was necessary. My first ride on the motorbike sitting side saddle. The Khmer women do it but although it is slightly more comfortable (if there are three of you on the moto) balance is more difficult so i don't think I will repeat the experience too often.

An uneventful day so now is the time to start thinking about moving out of the capital on some day trips but not before attempts are made to find a flat - That will be one of tomorrow's activities combined with a trip to the airport to pick up the excess baggage which has just arrived!

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