Monday, March 17, 2008


Today's mission was to locate and observe the supermarket - "Lucky". Finding it was no problem and then it was like Christmas - cheese, wine, kitchen applicances.... all with fixed prices! A purchase was necessary to celebrate the air conditioned shopping environments - A pack of laughing cow cheese and a German (don't ask - I have no idea) sausage in a hot piece of dough. Delicious. Also were little ready meals, for instance a whole fried chick (only minus the feathers), placed in a ready meal tray complete with the prepared vegtables for you to stir fry at your leisure. One I think I will not be buying.

I have located THE stationery shop of Cambodia next door to Lucky. I can now continue with my passion for paper based products. What a relief. Imagine rows on rows of post-it notes and files wand ink stampers when you thought there would be none - and all at reasoanble prices!!!!!! Now all I need to find is the decent shoe shop.

So after all that excitment after lunch a trip to a pool in a large hotel across town - really rather ugly and geared towards big buses of tourists. The pool was good though as it was next to the rivers. The hotel was in the process of buildng a fake beach for the residents by the river as well and this seems rather odd given that one foot in the river and you would be out of action for a fairly long time I'd guess from the general filthiness.

Supermarket and swim -not overly exciting but all in preparation for my first day out on the town alone tomorrow beginning tomorrow morning! Also had a first taste of Khmer food today for dinner which was amazing.

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