Thursday, September 9, 2010


On my first day back I visited old haunts. I've been surprised by some of the "progress" in my old surrounds. In my old street the corner shack "selling all kind if everything" has been demolished. A Korean restaurant has opened up next to my old house and Pricewaterhouse Coopers is now in the office building at the end of the street!! Surely not! The Gold Tower is not 42 storeys tall yet but is getting there and towering above the city. Mango, the clothes shop that is - not the fruit, is advertising a new store on Sihanouk near to Lucky Supermarket(really? or is it some one who has got hold of a few old billboards?).

Elsewhere is now elsewhere on Golden street and Java now does the frozen Margarita in a proper glass (I liked the tumblers - huge measures). Threads, my favourite tailors seems to have been re branded - at least - and has a new name (needs investigation!).

At least I've managed to locate 2 old tuk tuk drivers - they say the corner shack has just relocated. I hope this isn't a Cambodian way of telling me it was shut by some "higher"authority. Our old security guy is also based at Java cafe so certainly a few familiar Cambodian faces out and about in the city.

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