Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup madness

It seems The PM of Cambodia is focusing on some important issues that concern the people of his country....

"In a speech on Thursday marking the inauguration of Cambodia’s first overpass, the premier told the audience that he was using his mobile phone to follow matches.

He also had some kind words for the English squad, especially striker Wayne Rooney. After congratulating UK ambassador Andrew Mace on the fact that England has made it into the round of 16, he said: “I also want to send this message through the ambassador that I admire Wayne Rooney. I admire him for his kick technique.”He added: “I wish that England will pass through to the last group of eight.”

[quote from the Phnom Penh Post]

If only it was the World "sigh" (AKA "keepie uppie") Cup - Cambodia would be in the top 4 as it seems to be the nation's sport of choice

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