Saturday, December 12, 2009

Post Office Phnom Penh vs Royal Mail

I've had lots of people sharing their experience of the Phnom Penh Post Office since my first blog about it. My experience of the "service" is not unusual.

Recently a Cambodian student, who stayed with us in the UK in the summer, asked us to bring back some books from Cambodia after our holiday and post them from the UK to Italy where he has started studying. Of course - happy to pop them in the post via Royal Mail for a whopping sum of money.... The idea being that it was far "safer" to post them from the UK.

Those books were posted several months ago now... still no sight of them at the Italian end. Its rather ironic that my $13 from the PP post office resulted in delivery (and probably fed a family for a couple of days due to the overcharge) and made it across the world whereas here, well, Royal Mail resulted in complete postal failure. Try explaining that to the poor guy waiting for his books!!!!

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JLTan said...

A letter I posted to Australia last month had not made it there yet. I hope it makes it eventually.

I used the Post Office again today. They gave me the postage stamps to stick on my letters, and helped me with one. Then they let me take this mail to put in the mailbox myself. This boosted my confidence in the system more than my previous 2 visits.

When I had a small bundle of letters to post, I used TNT. They quote 2 - 4 weeks for their "regular" service (their express service delivers mail in 3 days). 2-4 weeks is both faster and slower than my experience with Cambodia Post, which has taken between 2 days and 2 months from what I have seen so far.