Thursday, November 13, 2008

The end of Third Grade

After the exhibition launch and the visit to the King came the excitement of my last 2 days at School. On Monday my mum accompanied me on 2 school trips with the children. We went to the photo exhibition and to the National Museum. The children seemed to enjoy the photos taken by the CCH children and understood what the CCH children had been through. They had mini questionnaires to fill in and some of the responses were fairly amusing!

My school kids at Gasolina filling in their questionnaires
Miss Michelle's corner of respect

Excited kids wait for the bus to get ready

I now understand why teachers do not see day trips as a fun experience! Try taking 20 excited kids to a museum where many ancient sculptures are finely balanced on plinths with no glass surroundings! ... You need a large drink afterwards. We therefore headed to Friends for dinner. Friends is one of my favourite places. A restaurant run by a NGO that takes street kids and trains them in various vocational skills including how to make the best frozen Margarita in town (below)!

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